Original name: Begendi

Origin: Turkey

1 big fresh aubergine
100 gram butter
1 spoon of flavor
Half liter of milk
90 grams of cheddar cheese

First, put the fresh aubergine on the fire and let it barbecue for 10 minutes. Then peel it, and wash it and cut it into very small pieces.
Second, take a big pot, put butter inside and put it on the fire. While it starts melting, add the milk and and flavor, wait for them to warm up and even boil. Then add the small pieces of barbecued aubergine, keep on mixing.
In about 10 minutes your ‘experimental intervention’ will be more thick and ready to hug the cheddar cheese 🙂
So, third and final step, put your mixture on a tray, put the cheddar cheese as an upper layer on the mixture and put it in the oven for another 10 minutes, let the cheddar melt and even become reddish!
Here it is, you experimented an intervention 🙂
PS. Do not worry about barbecue, simply put the aubergine on the everyday fire you use in your kitchen!