Original name: Sikma

Origin: Turkey

250 gr white flour
250 gr whole wheat flour
400 ml water
½ teaspoon salt

2 big onions, chopped finely
50 gr parsley, chopped finely
200 gr çökelek (a turkish cheese, you can substitute it with feta cheese)
200 gr urfa peyniri (a turkish cheese, you can substitute it with pecorino cheese)
1 tablespoon of crushed chillies
150 ml olive oil

Dough preparation:
Make a small hill of white and brown flour mixed with salt, open a hole in the middle, start adding water slowly. Start kneading the dough and add more water if needed until it becomes a soft, elastic dough like earlobe. For at least 30 minutes leave it to rest in a bowl covered with a humid towel or a wrap.
In the meanwhile, prepare the filling: Heat the olive oil in a pan, add the onions and stir them occasionally until they get transparent. Add the crushed chillies, cook for another minute and then remove from the heat. Let it cool down for 5 minutes, then add the two types of cheese and the parsley, mix well.
Preparation of sıkma:
divide the dough into 8 balls. For each ball, use the rolling pin (mattarello) for extending the dough and making it thin to a round shape. To cook it, use a pre-heated large pan with medium-strong fire. Once cooked, remove it from the pan and immediately put the filling to the half of the surface and roll it starting from the filled part towards the empty part of the circle. Continue to prepare such wraps until all the dough finishes. Each time put the prepared wrap under a humid big towel so that they keeps soft and warm.
Before serving you can cut each sıkma in 3 pieces if you like. Sıkma is best served with the Turkish “Ayran”, the yogurt drink.