Original name: Börülceli Tarhana Çorbası

Origin: Turkey

3 chicken leg quarters
1 glass of dry black-eyed peas, soaked for 12 hours
2 tablespoons of butter
2 tablespoon of olive oil
½ glass of tarhana (dried food based on a fermented mixture of wheat, yogurt, red bell peppers and onions)
5 pieces of dried bell peppers
4 cloves of garlic, cut in big slices
2 tablespoons of concentrated tomato paste
½ teaspoon of salt

For this soup, first you need to prepare the chicken broth, boil the chicken legs covered with water (about 1 liter of water), cook for about 1 hour until they get totally cooked. In the meanwhile in another pot, boil the soaked black-eyed peas until they get soft, then drain them and put aside.
Put the dried bell peppers in hot water for about half an hour so that they can get soft. Once they are soft, cut them in small pieces. While the chicken and the peas are boiling, put tarhana in a small bowl with 1 glass of cold water and mix well, it should stay like this for at least half an hour.
Once the chicken broth is ready, get 1 glass of it and mix with the tarhana liquid so that it gets warm.
Put the rest of the chicken broth (chicken legs already removed) on fire, add the garlic pieces, softened and chopped dried peppers and finally the tarhana liquid. Stir it continuously, once it starts boiling, add the black-eyed peas and the salt.
In a small pan, heat the butter and olive oil, add the tomato paste and mix well for 3-5 minutes. Then add this tomato sauce to the soup, stir again for a minute and remove it from the heat.
Your delicious winter soup is ready! Afiyet olsun!