Original name: Salat Olivier

Origin: Belarus

500 grams of lean veal meat
350 grams of potatoes
200 grams of fresh carrots
1 box of peas
4 of eggs
1 box of pickled cucumbers
250 grams of mayonnaise

1. Wash the potatoes and carrots, boil them (with the peel) and let them cool completely.
2. Clean the potatoes and carrots and cut into small cubes.
3. Let the eggs boil for 12 minutes, let them cool under water and cut them into cubes.
4. Also for the veal, let it boil for about 50 minutes so that it becomes soft, and then cut into cubes.
5. Cut in cubes also all the cucumbers
6. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, add peas from the box (without water) and a pinch of salt and season with mayonnaise.