Original name: Falafel

Origin: Morocco, Algeria, Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey

250 gr dry chickpeas (Soaked in water with ½ small spoon of baking soda for at least 24 hours)
1 big onion chopped finely
6 cloves of garlic smashed
½ bunch of parsley, chopped finely
1 small spoon of cumin powder
1 small spoon of yenibahar
2 small spoons of coriander powder
½ small spoon of peperoncino
1 small spoon of salt
1 big spoon of white flour or kamut flour (farina)
2 big spoons of bread crumbs (pan grattato)
1/2 small spoon of baking soda
1/2 small spoon of baking powder
Corn oil (olio di mais) to fry

Notice that chickpeas should be just soaked in water but uncooked. Put all the ingredients (apart from the oil to fry) in a food processor. Process until chickpeas are completely puréed and ingredients form a very smooth dough. Let dough rest for half an hour. Form dough into balls and then flatten slightly to form small patties. Let rest for another 15 minutes. Heat the oil to very hot temperature and fry at most 6 falafel at a time until they get golden brown. Put them on paper towel so that extra oil can be drained. Decorate falafel with humus sauce.