Original name: Boreg

Origin: Armenia

450 gr Muenster cheese, grated
225 gr cottage cheese (fiocchi di latte or feta)
4 big spoons of chopped parsley (prezzemolo, 1/2 bunch)
2 eggs
1 package phyllo dough (pasta fillo, freezer section at supermarket)
100 gr butter, melted

Mix Muenster cheese, cottage cheese, parsley and eggs in a large bowl. Take phyllo dough from package; lay it flat on the table and cover with damp cotton towel to keep from drying. Cut one sheet of filo into 4 pieces. Put teaspoon of cheese mix on each strip and fold into triangle shapes (like you would fold a flag). Place them onto oven paper in an oven tray and put melted butter on top of each. Bake at 180 C until golden brown (they can also be made in advance, then covered with wax paper and stored in the refrigerator).