Poor dish of the rural tradition of Romagna. It was used during the long winter nights to taste and appreciate the new squeezed olive oil in November.

1 kg of flour
1 liter of extra virgin olive oil

A pinch of salt
500 g of sugar

The dish requires a pan above the stove.

Slowly mix the flour with water until a semi-liquid mixture is obtained, which is easily taken with a small ladle. Add a pinch of salt and oil. Take with the ladle and pour the ladle on the baking pan. The liquid stretches itself and takes on an irregular and thin shape (it is called “cantarella”). When the cantarella is browned, turn it over and brown it on the other side. Then put it in a dish, sprinkle it with plenty of oil and sugar. The same with all the others. Buon appetite, they are served and eaten hot.