BISCOTTI POVERI (the poor man’s biscuits)

CANTARELLE (sweet crepes with olive oil)

CAPPELLETTI ROMAGNOLI (hat-shaped ravioli filled with cheese)


CIAMBELLA ROMAGNOLA (traditional granparents’ cake from Romagna region)

CRESCIONE ALLE ERBETTE (flat pie filled with herbs)


LU PISTINGU (xmas dessert from Marche region)

GNOCCHI AL FORMAGGIO (potato dumplings in cheese sauce)

PARMIGIANA DI MELANZANE (eggplant pie with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce)

PASSATELLI ASCIUTTI AI FUNGHI (homemade pasta prepared with bread crumbs and served with mushroom sauce)

PEPERONATA (baked peppers mix)

PESCHE ROMAGNOLE ALLA CREMA (dessert prepared with rosolio liqueur and cream)

PURCEDDHRUZZI (xmas dessert from Salento)

RISOTTO AL TEROLDEGO (rice with teroldego wine)

RISOTTO AL VINO BIANCO ED ASPARAGI (rice with asparagus and white wine)

SALSA VERDE E BOLLITO (boiled meat with green parsley sauce)

USELETI SCAPE’ (beef escalope rolls)

ZEPPOLE (Saint Joseph donuts, a typical dessert from south Italy)

ZUCCHINE ALLA BESCIAMELLA (baked zucchini with bechamel sauce)