Food Connects People (FCP) is an international nonprofit organization whose objective is to reinforce social integration and communication between different parts of society and different cultures of the world through culinary experiences. Among the founding values of FCP there is the esteem of the diversity and the experience sharing of people. FCP believes that diversity is the most precious heritage of human history. This little-known treasure can enrich our lives continuously with infinite possibilities and FCP chooses food as the means towards this treasure. Food is a universal language which everyone knows how to speak. In fact it is a powerful channel of getting in contact with the other at different levels. It’s actually like a matryoshka doll. At the outer level, let’s say the most visible and immediate one, we can tell from which culture we are coming from. Going towards inner levels we can express our personal tastes for flavors and colors. At the inner most level we can recall stories and memories which taught us something, left a sign inside us.

When people cook and eat together at our events, they find their own space to express their creativity, introduce themselves and get to know others. They collaborate, create emotional bonds and share a unique transformational experience where they get closer to themselves and to the others. The experience sets them free towards new personal and interpersonal discoveries and they go back to perceive that collective wellbeing capable of restoring the faith in humankind.