Original name: Cappelletti Kalamatagnoli (Greek adaptation of cappelletti romagnoli)

Origin: Italy

Ingredient for the dough:
400 gr of flour
4 eggs
salt (a pinch)
olive oil (a teaspoon)

Ingredients for the broth:
400 gr red meat
100 gr chicken meat (a wing)
10 small tomatoes
1 stalk celery
1 carrot
1 onion

Ingredient for the filling:
100 gr of feta cheese (replace it with grana for original Italian recipe)
100 gr of dry misithra cheese (replace it with pecorino for original Italian recipe)
100 gr of fresh misithra cheese (replace it with ricotta for original Italian recipe)
lemon skin grated (a teaspoon)
nutmeg ( ½ teaspoon )
1 yolk

Before preparing the dough and the filling, start to prepare the broth. Take a large bowl and fill it with water. Put the meat inside, the red one and the chicken one. Put the vegetables and cook it with medium fire for at least 3 hours. Sometimes check the status of the broth and if the water is low, refill it with new water. Check also the salt and add it if necessary. Ten minutes before finishing its preparation, extract the tomatoes, mash them in a dish and then put them again inside the broth. When finished, pass the broth in another large bowl by filtering it with a clean cloth. Put the meat apart.

Clean the table where you are going to prepare the dough. Put the flour in the middle of the table. Take a bowl and break the eggs inside, add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix all together with a fork and when you obtain a homogeneous liquid, open a whole in the middle of the flour and put it inside. Start to mix the eggs inside the flour slowly and try to add more flour from the edge of the whole where the liquid is. After some minutes the liquid becomes to be dense and you can start to knead everything with your hands. Continue to knead until you obtain a uniform ball of dough. Cover it with some kitchen film and put it aside for thirty minutes. In the meanwhile start to prepare the filling. When the filling is done, take the ball of dough and start to stretch it with the rolling pin. Continue until you obtain a thin layer of dough.

Put the three cheeses in a large bowl, put the yolk, the nutmeg and the lemon skin. Mix alltogether until everything is homogeneous.

Preparing cappelletti:
Take the layer of dough and cut it in squares of 5-6 cm by side. Put a ½ teaspoon of filling in the middle of a square of dough and join two opposite angles in order to form a triangular bundle. Now, take the two vertexes of the long side and join them together forming a small hat. Do it for all the squares of dough you have. When cappellettis are ready, put the broth you prepared on fire and when it is boiling put the cappelletis in it. Cook them for 5 minutes and serve them with the warm broth.

Use the meat of the broth:
The meat you used for cooking the broth is very tasty so do not throw it away. Cut it in small slices and serve it by flavoring it with copious extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper if you like.